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When you suffer an injury at work, you need to quickly learn the rules, regulations, and terms used by the workers’ compensation system. Having an experienced Stockton workers’ compensation attorney on your side can be helpful in navigating the complex road ahead. At the Law Offices of Bo Katzakian, we have more than a decade of experience representing injured workers throughout Northern California.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is a determination used in the workers’ compensation system to describe a condition that is stabilized and not likely to improve substantially within the next year. Reaching this determination is essential for assessing the percentage of permanent disability that has resulted from a work injury. Your doctor will complete a Maximum Medical Improvement report when you have reached the point where you will not continue to get better, with or without further treatment.

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The MMI report should include:

  • A description of specific problems, such as the ability to move and degree of pain;
  • Work restrictions or limits on the work you can perform;
  • The causes of your injury;
  • Future medical treatment that will be needed; and
  • Impairment status of the areas of the body that are injured.

The report will also contain information about the history of the injury. This may include your current and past medical history, tests that have been performed, medical treatment, and information about current and projected future impairment, as a result of the work injury. Other details may be included, such as your occupation, job description, discussions with your doctor, and medical records from other doctors.

When You Don’t Agree With the Report

The MMI report is among the most important documents used in determining whether an injured worker qualifies for permanent disability benefits and the degree of permanent disability, which is expressed as a percentage. Doctors do not always have the same opinion about a disability. If you don’t agree with the report, you can question the findings, and your attorney can request a second opinion. This is either provided by a qualified medical examiner that is chosen by your attorney or claims administrator or a doctor agreed upon by both parties.

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